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Xander is part of the Buffypups litter. His siblings are Willow, Glory, Clem, Spike, Anya, Buffy, Wesley, and Bolt.

Xander is a gentle, mature, buoyant and serious sled dog who gives "The Paw" when he is pleased.

Xander can be timid around new people, but is very social and gets along with everyone on the team. He prefers to run in the middle of the team.

Xander and his sister Willow have very similar personalities and markings.

Xander was part of Blair's 2019 Iditarod team[1], along with his mom Pepé and brother Spike, but was dropped at the Finger Lakes checkpoint for precautionary reasons due to a tight quad, and also because Hellion found him distracting.

Xander was also part of Q's 2019 Kobuk440 team. He was dropped in Kobuk because Q was concerned he might be fighting a bug. He returned to Blair and was given lots of cuddles by the host family's children.[2]

In June of 2019, Blair announced that Xander was moving to a new home with Anya, Kenai, Lucy, Hunter, and Grinker. Blair and Q felt that these dogs would do better on a recreational team that did shorter races. Here is the thread with that announcement.[3]

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