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Weegee is part of the Photopups litter from Glory and the Mystery Father. His claim to fame as a puppy was his talents as an escape artist, as he repeatedly climbed out of the puppy pen and garden enclosure. He apparently liked the porch as he would show up there frequently.

He spent the winter of 2018-19 in Alaska learning to be a sled dog with his brother Grinker, and cousins from the Adventupups litter.

As of March 2019, he was "like a chinchilla. Next-level soft." [1] He is also, as can be seen in the picture to the right, all grown up and no longer the little puppy houdini we met last fall.

As the pups turned into yearlings, Blair did threads reintroducing these teenagers. Here's her thread on Weegee.[2] During the winter of 2019-20, Weegee went to Nature's Kennel with his friends Wickson, Forrest, Dora, Steger, and Slim where they could do sled runs with visitors all the time. Weegee and friends returned to BraverMountain in the spring of 2020.

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