The Journopups are the puppies of the Journalists litter born in 2016. They are the puppies of Boss Bitch Jenga and Fly. Jenga's family tree has a bit more hound in them and the pups have floppier ears. They are known to be a bit neurotic, except for Talese who is the most well-adjusted of the journopups.

The puppies were named after journalists Jeff Sharlet, Matt Power, Katherine Boo, Gay Talese, and Hunter S. Thompson. There are four males and one female (Hunter). Along with the Buffypups also born in 2016, the two litters make up nearly half of the BraverMountain team. They are also related to Flame (Jenga's half sister) and Wickson (through his dad, Pyro who is Jenga's half brother).

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