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Jeff "JEEF" Sharlet is part of the Journopups litter. His siblings are Matt Power, Hunter, Boo, Talese, and James "Radar" Baldwin.

Jeef is a sensitive soul. The thing Jeef is most sensitive about is a dog who is not Jeef receiving pats.

Jeef is notable for the organization of his poops, unrivaled amongst sled dogs.

Jeef generally expresses himself through the medium of a high-pitched whine.

Jeef's best friend in the whole wide world is Hari. Hari tolerates Jeef.

Wickson's best friend in the whole wide world is Jeef. Jeef tolerates Wickson.

It is unknown how Wickson and Hari get on at this stage. Presumably, if Wickson tolerates an adoring Hari, we could have a whole new game of "Scissors, Paper, Rock" to play.

Jeef suffered from tick paralysis as a yearling and missed much of the 2017-18 Season as a result. In 2019 he was healthy and part of team training for the 2019 Iditarod in Alaska.

In December 2019, Blair and Q announced that Jeff Sharlet had found a new home in the Pacific Northwest as a house husky. He is happy enjoying new adventures with his new family and living his best life. [1]

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