Hellion joined BraverMountain in the winter of 2019. She was 2 years old and was in Dallas Seavey's kennel until he and Blair and Quince decided she might be a good fit for Blair's team.

Blair, Chrissie, and Quince got to know Helli and while she was a bit skittish, it was apparent early on that she loves to run, loves to eat but HATES having her feet touched.

Contrary to popular belief, she does not hate men!

After Helli's arrival, a new movement arose amongst the Ugly Dogs for a union between Blowhole and Hellion for the purpose of creating the Hellhole pups. Blair and Quince resisted.

Helli was chosen for the 2019 Iditarod team, and, as of Takotna (less than halfway through the race), she had already chewed through eight harnesses because she wanted to keep going. Unsubstantiated rumors of Blowhole appearing from a portal cast doubt on her guilt, however.

Despite the harness-eating, Helli made it all the way to Nome.

During the Iditarod, Helli learned that pats are, in fact, a very good thing.

As of August 2019, Helli has been on a secret mission since at least June 1st to help Quince's 2020 Iditarod team. Blair has been reticent about exactly what this mission entails. In the absence of information, some Ugly Dogs have gone Bleral.

In the winter 2019-2020 when it was announced that Q would be running the 2020 Iditarod, it was revealed that Helli had been training in Alaska and Q hoped she would be part of his 2020 Iditarod team. In fact, Helli was part of Q's Iditarod team in 2020. Helli remained in Alaska when Blair and Q dashed for the border in March 2020 trying to get back to Wisconsin before the border closed. They hoped to breed Helli to Bison and return to pick her up later in the year, but the pandemic has changed some plans. Helli remains in the excellent care of Raymie and Barb Redington and will rejoin BraverMountain when safe traveling returns.

Unfortunately, on February 15, 2021, Quince shared with us on Twitter the horrible news of Helli's passing.

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