Flame is the Bravermountain Porch Husky, the clingiest, most co-dependent with Bler, sled dog in the pack.

In ascending order of fervor, Flame loves Bler, belly rubs, playing with puppies, playing mother to young of other species, and dead things. She has proven herself a capable sled dog with a gorgeous extended trot, even if she's more attuned to random musher sounds (opening candy wrappers, etc.) than her teammates, Flame finished the 2018 Kobuk 440 in 5th place with Blair.

Flame is the daughter of Epson and Wanda. Her siblings are Pyro and Fire. She is honorary Auntie to all the puppies, and loves to play with them. She also once adopted 11 baby chickens.

Flame joined her nephew Wickson and her beloved Bler on the 2019 Iditarod team, and made it all the way to Nome. She also joined Q on his 2019 Kobuk 440 team and again finished the race.

In June of 2019, Flame experienced her Bath-Mitzvah in which she received her first ever bath and was rewarded with new clothes.[1]

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