The Photo Journalist pups (Photopups) are the puppies of Glory and her Mystery BabyDaddy.  The puppies were conceived while Blair and Quince were in Alaska in the spring of 2018 and Glory was staying with mushing friends. The likely father is a dog from the friend's kennel, but there is some suspicion it might be actually be Boo.  

The pups were born in May of 2018, about a week after the Adventupups and were always a little smaller and more tentative than their cousins (hence the nickname "minis").  The pups were named after Photo Journalists and are Bravo, Grinker, Weegee, KatieO, Arbus, and Shabazz. Here's a thread about the minis meeting the maxis (the Adventupups).

Three of the pups, KatieO, Arbus, and Shabazz have been adopted by loving homes and are living their best lives in those places.  Grinker and Weegee spent the winter of 2019 in Alaska with Blair and their cousins, learning to be sled dogs.[1] Bravo stayed in Wisconsin with her grandfather Hari at some friends of Blair and Quince's.  In the early summer of 2019, Grinker was transferred with some friends to a family recreational mushing team where he's living his best life. Bravo ended up staying with the people she spent the winter with, also living her best life.  

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