The Buffypups are the puppies of Pepé and Hari. They have two claims to fame. First, that they were unplanned and conceived only because Blair and Q's dog sitter put Pepe in with Hari because he believed that since Hari was blind, he wouldn't "have it in him." The lesson being, as always, never underestimate Hari.

Second they were named after characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer because that show had helped Blair through a bad year battling Lyme disease. They were born in 2016 and are now, along with the Journopups of the same year, the heart of the main team.

Two of the Buffypups - Willow and Glory - have had litters of their own (with Glory going the unplanned route as well). Willow, Clem, Anya, Spike and Xander are part of BraverMountain, while Glory has retired to be a house husky with Blair's parents in the Pacific Northwest.

The remaining Buffypups, Wesley, Buffy, and Bolt, live with friends of Blair and Q.

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