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Here is a non-exhaustive list (and still a work in progress) of some of the best Blair and Q threads from Twitter. It's roughly chronological and hopefully includes the major threads people remember. Some popular threads may not be included because they are already linked on the front page in some way (i.e. the 2019 Iditarod page). If you know of a thread that is not included please add the name/link in the comments to this page.

February 2016 - The hypothermic musher (or why Blair dropped out of her first Iditarod qualifier (this isn't a thread. Instead it's a link to the search results from after the race. Sort by latest and read from the bottom up)

June 2016 - Buffypups pupdates (this isn't a thread per se, just a link to the search results from #pupdate on Blair's timeline, but it works to get lots of good pics of the Buffypups).

November 2016 - Clem is a potato

December 2016 - Donut gets an exorcism

February 2017 - Pyro the Fat-Eater

February 2017 - Buffypups' first time running in harness

March 2017 - Dog Sled Camp (not the same as Dogsled camping)

March 2017 - Dogsled camping

March 2017 - Hari and the Bees

March 2017 - Popeye and Neo join Julie Buckles team

April 2017 - Jenga and journopups require chin rests. It's a medical condition.

May 2017 - Flame loves baby chickens

June 2017 - 8 dogs get spayed/neutered (the police are called)

July 2017 - Evening rounds at the kennel

August 2017 - The Meat Grinder that Twitter Bought

August 2017 - Journopups turn a year old

August 2017 - Blair makes the rounds of the kennel on a summer evening

August 2017 - Blair talks about the film "Sled Dog"

August 2017 - Blair remembers Trace

August 2017 - 6 more dogs get spayed/neutered

August 2017 - Speuter part II

September 2017 - Blair's Husky Report

October 2017 - Camping with Martha and Chad (Otter Run Kennel)

October 2017 - 2017 Passing Camp featuring the Husky Chorus

November 2017 - Blair introduces the team before the 2017/18 race season THANK YOU IVA FOR FINDING THIS AND MAKING SURE IT GOT ADDED TO THE LIST!!!

December 2017 - Jenga runs in front shorts

December 2017 - Jeff Sharlet steals bones, and other farm happenings

December 2017 - Training run

December 2017 - Wickson and Jeff on an easy run (the origins of JEEF) (w/bonus Summer the Cat.)

January 2018 - Meeting with the Swedish snaps dealer

January 2018 - Gunflint Mail Run 2018 aka The Day the Ground was Sharp

January 2018 - Q's thread on Colbert joining the team

January 2018 - Boudica and Blair's hardest day

Feb 2018 - Hari saves the team in the Beargrease

Feb 2018 - Blair talks about the Beargrease, preparing for the Canadian Challenge, and qualifying for the Iditarod

March 2018 - Night run with Handler Sarah featuring "Go Confidently in the Direction of your Dreams"

March 2018 - Percy DeWolfe Race with secret weapon Jenga

March 2018 - Blair introduces the Bananas

March 2018 - Willow and Bison's love story; puppies might be percolating

March 2018 - Blair, Q, and Danny Seavey snow machine part of the Iditarod trail

April 2018 - Blair gives update on the Bananas

April 2018 - Blair's thread about the 2018 Kobuk 440, featuring strong and brilliant athlete Pepé

May 2018 - The Adventupups are born

May 2018 - Adventupup introductions

June 2018 - The dogs try out the cart for the first time

June 2018 - Blair, Q, and 5 Sled Dogs Salvage a Dock

June 2018 - Puppy picnic

June 2018 - Visiting Green Bay

June 2018 - 10,000 puppies

June 2018 - Sled blobs on a mission

June 2018 - The Photo-Journalist pups are named

July 2018 - Puppies help Blair cleanup after tornado

July 2018 - Blair's bedtime story about magical Hari

July 2018 - Biggie and Kenai join BraverMountain

July 2018 - Quince buys a meat saw

July 2018 - Glory is going West

July 2018 - Glory has gone West

July 2018 - The Adventupups go on an adventure (Soaking Wet And Full of Cheese)

August 2018 - Colbert is afraid of heights

August 2018 - The Adventurers and Explorers litter is named

September 2018 - Glory gets a DNA test

October 2018 - Grinch only runs south

October 2018 - Hari gets lost and then gets found

October 2018 - Mental Health Advice from Clem the Well-Adjusted Sled Dog

October 2018 - 2018 Passing Camp featuring @AddisonBrothers

October 2018 - Grinch goes to the chiropractor

November 2018 - Taking a break at a rodeo ground in Montana

November 2018 - Pepé goes missing

November 2018 - Puppies learn to be sled dogs

December 2018 - Spike's first run in lead

Dec 2018 - Surprise Bitch! It's Boudica!

Dec 2018 - A Day in the Life Training for the Iditarod

Dec 2018 - Matt Power joins Julie Buckles team

Dec 2018 - Meeting a moose (not Timmy)

January 2019 - Sled Dogs eat McNuggets

January 2019 - How do you stay warm when it's 30 below? (with the obligatory lined jeans first appearance in BraverMountainVerse)

February 2019 - Dogs get sized for race coats

February 2019 - Blair takes the two-year olds for a run and becomes Jenga's chin rest

March 2019 - Colbert eats 15 pounds of chicken skin

March 2019 - Bler's Spooky Iditarod Story

March 2019 - Wickson turns two years old

May 2019 - Blair explains pit stops on the International Dog Bus

May 2019 - Al and Pete give the dogs bones and sliders in Minot, North Dakota

May 2019 - Hari and Refried are reunited in the garden

May 2019 - The porch sisters eat cupcakes

June 2019 - Yearling of the Day: Forrest

June 2019: Yearling of the Day: Steger

June 2019: Yearling of the day: Dora

June 2019: Yearling of the day: Weegee

June 2019: Yearling of the day: Tenzing

June 2019: Yearling of the Day: Zagat

June 2019 - Yearling of the Day: Biggie

June 2019 - Yearling of the Day: Slim

June 2019 - Six BraverMountain dogs find a new home, living their best lives together

June 2019 - Yearling of the Day: Jules Verne

June 2019 - Flame gets her Bath-Mitzvah

July 2019 - A lesson in acceptance of ourselves (and others) through sled dogs

July 2019 - Willow, Talese, Boudica, and Biggie go to summer camp

July 2019 - A trip through the dogyard and Colbert has a breakthrough

July 2019 - Pepe, Spike, and Dora go to summer camp

August 2019 - A coconut party at the cranberry blog

August 2019 - Experiencing peanut bubbles

August 2019 - BraverMountain gets a new puppy

August 2019 - New puppy meets Hari and Refried

August 2019 - Clem, Steger, Slim, and Wickson, go to summer camp

August 2019 - Puppy gives life advice

September 2019 - Leap's name reveal

October 2019 - A trip to the puppy castle after the Sled Dog Symposium

October 2019 - Zagat training run

October 2019 - Donut visits BraverMountain

October 2019 - Things the dogs find around the farm when they aren't running

November 2019 - A Pepe appreciation thread

November 2019 - Mystery Singer

December 2019 - Boudica and Jeff Sharlet find new homes to live their best lives

January 2020 - Leap takes a big leap forward and pulls a sled for the first time

January 2020 - Blair gives an update on the yearlings who have gone to boarding school at Nature's Kennel

January 2020 - A day in the life of 2019 Iditarod training with photos by Nathaniel Wilder

January 2020 - Hari goes for a run in the snow and sun

January 2020 - Explaining what makes a good lead dog

February 2020 - Leap reviews ball on a rope

March 2020 - On finding the vacation home for Refried and Hari

March 2020 - Blair tells a story from her days on the Goddamn Ice Cube

April 2020 - Reviews of the toy fried chicken

May 2020 - Blair tells the story of her first dogsled race

May 2020 - Blair introduces Lima and Jelly as new team members

May 2020 - Blair helps you pick your quarantine sled dog

May 2020 - Blair goes bikejoring with Pepé

May 2020 - Foraging with Flame and Leap

June 2020 - Jenga and Grinch are partners in crime

July 2020 - Flame, Jenga, Grinch, and Jelly go on a walk

July 2020 - Some of the dogs go on a field trip with a surprise special guest

July 2020 - Q and some dogs go for a routine vet visit

August 2020 - Lima figures out how to climb on his house

August 2020 - Lima and Flame in the woods

September 2020 - How Leap and Jelly became best friends

September 2020 - Kisses from Dora and Jules

September 2020 - Trail scouting and exploring

October 2020 - Blair and Dora go scooterjoring

October 2020 - Colbert celebrates National Pierogi Day

October 2020 - BraverMountain acquires a dog playground

October 2020 - Pepe's opinions on Central Bark

November 2020 - The team gets their monthly dewormer

November 2020 - Blair's master thread of expressive dog photos

December 2020 - Blair teaches you how to deal with the cold

January 2021 - Blair and Hari take a walk in the woods

February 2021 - Pepe shows Blair a "shortcut" home

February 2021 - Blair, Leap, and Tenzing have an announcement

March 2021 - The littlest male sled blob adventures outside

March 2021 - The puppies have a tiny adventure

March 2021 - The puppies help Blair with a project

April 2021 - Blair announces the litter theme and formally introduces the first puppy

June 2021 - Mazzy learns about fashion

August 2021 - Trying to get Flame to paint

October 2022 - Lima learns a lesson

November 2022 -- Blair's bedtime story for the UglyDogs