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Biggie was born in 2018 and is slightly older than the Adventupups and the Photopups.

He was part of a puppy-swap that saw Slim traded to Otter Run Kennel (Chad and Martha Schouweiler). (Slim returned to BraverMountain later that year when Chad realized his gait was better suited to longer distance mushing).

Biggie is part of Otter Run Kennel's rapper litter. The rapper litter was the last litter of puppies from the legendary Clash prior to her retirement and his siblings include Hammer, Smalls, Tupac, and Diggins.

As a son of Clash, Biggie is brother to Boudica and Pepé, uncle to the Buffypups, and (despite being only months older than them) great-uncle to the Adventupups and Photopups.

As the pups turned to yearlings, Blair reintroduced these brawny, energetic teenagers. Here is her thread on Biggie.[1]

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